About Us

GIZELLE, as the German word suggests, is a “promise” of two individuals who came from diverse corporate backgrounds and decided to apply their skills into an entrepreneurial venture. Khusro Ansari and Faraz Khan laid the foundation of GIZELLE Communications in 2004 with a commitment to not only grow the company, but to make a difference to the outdoor media industry in Pakistan.

Starting off as a traditional outdoor media company, GIZELLE Communications has earned the reputation of one of the top outdoor media companies in Pakistan. Over the years, creativity and innovation have become our hallmarks. We become reliable partners of our industry stakeholders and work with them for effective communication strategies for their brands.

GIZELLE Communications has designed and executed some of the largest & most creative outdoor campaigns in the country, and has made a massive impact in areas such as retail branding, traditional outdoor media, residential and transport media. One of our achievements include synergizing of outdoor media with CSR and community development, where the ethos of social responsibility is strategically linked with brand recall and mileage. We also spearheaded the concept of public – private partnership in the media sector and developed programmes and processes, resulting in mega projects of global scale.

Our methodology includes choosing strategic sites and developing them in a manner that not only uplifts the beauty of the landscapes but simultaneously provides a creative communication medium to the private sector. Projects such as the renovation of both 2 & 3 Swords Roundabouts and Jinnah International Airport Karachi are living examples of the marvels that bud as ideas in GIZELLE and are then brought to life with passion, commitment and diligence.

The growing demand for innovative yet pragmatic Out of Home Advertising solutions has created a gap as the major players (Advertising Agencies, Outdoor Media Companies & Sign Makers) have not been able to implement creative campaigns. GIZELLE Communications has bridged the gap and has implemented many innovative and eye catching campaigns. With its team of hardworking and dedicated individuals, GIZELLE is geared to communicate & deliver the brand promise of its customers with 360-degree coverage to differentiate the clients’ identity in Out of Home Advertising spectrum.