Creative & Design Services

GIZELLE Communications is the only outdoor agency in Pakistan offering complete creative and design services in-house from logos, artwork, thematic concepts, etc. Our biggest clients for our Creative Division are internal clients, where the division has been delivering quality solutions to all other divisions, including solutions for CSR, Outdoor, Event Management, Brand Activations, and Signages.

The presence of this division and a highly skilled and experienced team has given a vast edge to GIZELLE over competition as it enables us to present aesthetic, yet effective solutions to our esteemed clients.

Examples and samples of the creative and design work can be presented upon request.

Research & Consulting

GIZELLE Communications offers research and consulting services in the area of outdoor media to interested clients. The most requested research from our clients includes gathering data for specific sites or for geographic locations and basic analysis of different locations and sites. The consulting part is a core competence of GIZELLE, where the we have helped several clients to devise innovative and creative ways of spending their budgets. At GIZELLE we make everything process driven and work not only with the marketing departments of our clients, but also the CSR departments for communications through outdoor mediums.

We also have the capability to advise international media houses and research firms on media and out of home industry in Pakistan.

Outdoor Media Planning & Buying

Being at the core of the industry, GIZELLE also works with clients to plan and buy outdoor media on their behalf. It not only provides convenience and support, but it also delivers overall effectiveness and efficiency in terms of cost and time.

Monitoring, Maintenance & QA

Many of our clients prefer to buy outdoor media from various suppliers themselves. However, over a period of time, GIZELLE has established and proven its commitment to quality, not only in execution, but also in the area of maintenance. Many of our clients have entrusted us with the responsibility of monitoring their nationwide outdoor campaigns, maintaining their sites, and ensuring consistent quality throughout, thus maximizing their return on investment.