Faraz KhanCo-Founder & Director

    Faraz Khan is a UK based Pakistani social entrepreneur, investor and author who believes in bringing a positive change in the society through entrepreneurship business and trade.

    He is well known for his forward-thinking business models that allow him to fulfill a personal commitment to better the lives of the residents in Pakistan, UK and beyond.

    He brings with him years of banking and corporate experience that is a mix of both local and international cultures, enabling him to integrate successful models into entrepreneurial eco systems. He along with his partners have created 11 leading businesses globally.

    Over a period of 10 years he has taken many initiatives, in the fields of media, socio-economic development, arts, entrepreneurship, trade promotion and urban development, transforming each business into a success story, inspiring and mentoring the young generation to be the change agents themselves. A staunch believer in the concept of “everything is possible with intent, idea & people” he makes things happen.

    His most notable work includes the launch of a social entrepreneurial venture www.seedventures.org , the first of such in UK & Pakistan that actively promotes, supports and fosters entrepreneurship from the grass roots, business schools and micro segments of the society. The primary focus of Seed Ventures is to help scale the existing sector of entrepreneurs working with local communities into new markets and to be a think tank for fostering entrepreneurship at micro, social and youth segments in UK, south Asia specifically in Pakistan & Oman.

    Faraz Khan has also been appointed as a member of Catalyst UKTI, joining UK’s most powerful business advocates representing British interests around the world and championing the UK as the world’s best international business partner. He is on the advisory board of All Party Parliamentary Group on Entrepreneurship that advises the UK Parliament and both the houses on the development of Entrepreneurship in the UK.

    He has also been invited to join Atlantic Council’s advisory board, which is going to advise the governments on bringing the Indian & Pakistani entrepreneurs together through Dosti network. Faraz has been nominated as an Asia society leader – a global think tank to represent Pakistan in Delhi, India.

    He has also been nominated as Future Leaders Power 100 Pakistan, a selection that signifies and collates the 100 most promising personalities who will shape the future of Pakistan.

    He is a published co-author of a leading succession management parable Pukh Theory www.pukhtheory.com, which has been a tremendous success in corporate and entrepreneurial communities of Pakistan and beyond.

    He is on the board of:

    GIZELLE Communication www.gizellecommunication.com
    Stimulus www.stimulusorg.com
    Urbanics www.urbanics.org