Our Process

At GIZELLE Communication, our process has evolved over the years to become a robust and almost infallible method. Our commitment stands to innovation and excellent allows us to ideate and deliver disruptive Out of Home solutions that create a new value chain of partnerships.

Step 1 – Needs Analysis: At the precipice of a successful decision is good information, and we at GIZELLE Communication, pride ourselves at formalizing a previously informal sector. Our process starts at assessing needs within the market and the key players.

Step 2 – Concept Development: Ideation and disruptive concept development has been our value proposition because of which our concepts drives the success of projects. We are known to be innovative, pragmatic and creative.

Step 3 – Creating Entrenched Partnerships: The analytics and concept are married by intermediating a consensus between parties in the value chain. We at GIZELLE, owing to a long-standing relationship with parties across the value chain, are able to build endearing Public-Private-Partnerships, a testimony of an evolving and consumer friendly landscape.

Step 4 – Project Planning & Execution: Our team possesses the prowess, expertise and experience in delivering mega projects to the satisfaction of our clientele and compliance of our media provider. With the right project management mindset, execution is undertaken by us seamlessly and in many occasion, within time.

Step 5 – Monitoring & Evaluation: At GIZELLE, we take pride in providing our customer monitoring reports in order to demonstrate the envisaged value. This evaluation renders a quantifiable, return on investment mindset which our clientele finds imperative for future decision making.